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Sarah Everard and the conversation about young women’s safety

Trigger Warning: this article discusses matters of sexual harassment and women’s safety. ShameOnYouWarwick: “The reason why we’re so angry is because none of this is new and none of it is surprising anymore. We’re fighting so hard to keep everyone safe but it constantly feels like a losing battle. We want everyone to know that they’re not alone in any of this, that they’re so brave for lasting through any sexual violence that they’ve experienced and that we’ve got their backs.”

In loving memory of Paul Ritter: Martin Goodman of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ – a retrospective

It’s without a doubt that the death of Paul Ritter, 54, has left an unfillable hole in the acting industry. His versatility, ranging from serious Soviet engineer to the wizard Eldred Worple to countless live stage productions, is unmatched. Most loveable is his portrayal of Martin Goodman in Friday Night Dinner, an incompetent, embarrassing father – which is the polar opposite to his role in Chernobyl, exemplifying this man’s talent.