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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s debut deserves more praise than panning

The actions of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex regularly come under scrutiny, and Meghan’s new children’s book is no exception. Her first foray into the world of writing, The Bench seeks to capture the tenderness of a father-son relationship through verse, inspired by a poem written for her husband on Fathers’ Day. Although clearly a deeply personal book, the sample pages of The Bench available show illustrations by Christina Robinson that resemble not just Harry and Archie. It is refreshing how the Duchess of Sussex’s debut manages to be inclusive and makes a diverse range of fathers and sons feel seen on the book’s pages.

Sexual assault claims 'mishandled' by universities

Women from 15 universities have signed a letter calling for a mandatory policy for dealing with sexual assault allegations in higher education. Currently, it is not compulsory for higher education institutions to implement a specific policy to deal with sexual assault claims. Samantha Kilford, 23, studying at the University of the West of England (UWE), recently claimed that her allegations of sexual assault were mishandled by her university.

‘Run’: the real monster is the lack of mental health care

Run, the second feature film directed and co-written by Aneesh Chaganty with Sev Ohanian, propels you into an unnerving, tense horror as we are presented with a seemingly content mother and daughter dynamic – but something just doesn’t feel right. Being the most-watched original film on Hulu, it’s evident that audiences were enticed by the idea of being unable to escape the confines of your mother, especially given its release during the lockdown.

Where’s the line regarding tailored casting?

To assume that certain demographics must play certain roles is deeply pessimistic. However, concerning race, sexuality, and disability, which is pertinent to a specific plot, efforts do need to be made to cast actors who fit these factors. Looking at Joe Sugg in The Syndicate, although it was frustrating that a Northerner didn’t get the role, as a Northerner myself I do think that the role was executed to the best of Sugg’s ability. When comparing this controversy to the likes of Emma Stone in Aloha playing a part-Hawaiian, part-Chinese woman, or Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time playing an Iranian, it seems trivial to nit-pick at an actor for their Southern regional background when Hollywood has openly whitewashed ethnic minorities for years.

Sarah Everard and the conversation about young women’s safety

Trigger Warning: this article discusses matters of sexual harassment and women’s safety. ShameOnYouWarwick: “The reason why we’re so angry is because none of this is new and none of it is surprising anymore. We’re fighting so hard to keep everyone safe but it constantly feels like a losing battle. We want everyone to know that they’re not alone in any of this, that they’re so brave for lasting through any sexual violence that they’ve experienced and that we’ve got their backs.”

Edinburgh University lecturers given list of ‘microinsults’ and guidance on transgender issues.

Scholars at the University of Edinburgh were handed a list of ‘micro-insults’ as part of a nationwide drive to raise awareness for ‘cisgender privilege’ at universities. Lecturers were told to avoid labels such as ‘man’ and ‘woman’ or make suggestions that someone could only be one of the two. University staff were also told to refrain from placing “excess focus on anatomical sex markers, most usually sexual organs” and were encouraged to put their preferred pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/the

In loving memory of Paul Ritter: Martin Goodman of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ – a retrospective

It’s without a doubt that the death of Paul Ritter, 54, has left an unfillable hole in the acting industry. His versatility, ranging from serious Soviet engineer to the wizard Eldred Worple to countless live stage productions, is unmatched. Most loveable is his portrayal of Martin Goodman in Friday Night Dinner, an incompetent, embarrassing father – which is the polar opposite to his role in Chernobyl, exemplifying this man’s talent.

A leading vice-chancellor has said UK universities are institutionally racist

Professor David Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia, has claimed that UK universities are institutionally racist. He spoke out about how governing bodies should be less concerned with the reputation of universities and more about fixing a systematic issue within higher education. Richardson, in his role as chair of an advisory group combatting racial harassment on campuses, explained how the system has failed ethnic minorities.

A take on DIY smear kits

There are about 3,200 new cervical cancer cases in the UK every year. Smear tests for those with a cervix, are designed to detect any abnormal cells. Despite the importance of the test, given that one in 20 women’s results come back as abnormal, embarrassment is one of the main reasons women avoid or are reluctant to get treated. With the pandemic and Covid-19, people are now even more reluctant to attend screenings in fear of catching the virus.

'My Mum Tracy Beaker' - Review

The long-awaited return of ANOTHER Tracy Beaker series felt like a consoling hug in our time of lockdown need. Was this series a mind-blowing Oscar-worthy production? Personally, I’d have to say no. Yet to be overly critical of this series is to disregard the sentimentality millions have for Tracy and her journey. When it comes down to it, this is children’s television and the acting style is intended to fit that audience range – but I personally adored every second.

International Women’s Day: five iconic and inspirational female figures

Women in TV have proven to set examples for individuals today, helping shape their goals and ambitions. Healthy and overdue are characters that don’t only maintain empowering and hardworking stories, but offer the multidimensional realities of what being a woman entails. There is no perfect way to be ‘iconic’ as women should not set themselves up to fulfil a perceived power standard for breaking gender barriers.
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